Patented Rollable Column
Our 10' units are a great way to make a dramatic impression at your next show. Portable displays with a custom look are possible using our versatile ExpoStar folding panel system. Use the Palladian Arch-top, rollable columns and backlighting to customize your display. Accessories available include podiums, halogen lights, literature holders and more. Graphics easily attach with velcro to durable fabric covered panels.
Trademarked Arch-Top
Our pop-up of choice is the Jemco Pop-Up, the dependable work-horses of the display industry, with a proven track record won on the testing floors of trade shows world wide. The frames are manufactured from aircraft quality aluminum tubing rivets, with Texan hubs for fight-weight strength and durability. The panels are made from top quality fabrics, substrates and laminates for strong lasting colour and long life. All Jemco Display hardware is guaranteed for as long as you own the system. Jemco Pop-Up Display Systems are designed around the needs of the active exhibitor. Combining maximum visual impact with quick easy setups, the systems are light weight and easily portable. Overall, many of our displays fit into one or more easily transportable light-weight supercases, that conveniently fit into a car's trunk and travel as passenger luggage with most airlines.